Problem, meet solution

Technology influences every part of modern life, yet women who make essential contributions are are often excluded from conversations that drive perception and shape policy. We built Square Circle to tackle this problem, both from the supply side and the demand side. By working with women and investing in their potential, we open doors to conference organizers and media companies looking for experts and emerging voices.  

What if I’m not an expert?

Square Circle invites women technologists from industry, academia, government labs, and entrepreneurs at any career level, to join. Our various membership models empower everyone, from those with no experience sharing their work externally – to women whose accomplishments deserve to be featured on magazine covers. With Square Circle, visibility is now accessible to all.

How can I get started?

Our experienced coaches help you identify your brand, polish your speaking and presentation skills, and teach you to write effectively to amplify your voice. We help you develop a visibility asset portfolio that establishes your credibility with event organizers, press & media, instantaneously.

What if I’m an event organizer or a member of the press?

With Square Circle, you can view robust portfolios of emerging and seasoned perspectives to feature in your articles, keynotes, panels, podcasts, interviews, and more. We make it simple to search for experts in areas of Software Engineering, Wearable Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Security & Privacy and other tech areas, saving you time and helping you create strong narratives.


Leap Ahead, Get Found

Elevate your brand assets that highlight your expertise and showcase your accomplishments.

Embrace Opportunities

Access different types of visibility opportunities such as news media coverage, speaking engagements, committee memberships, and podcasts.

Expert Professional Coaches

Carefully curated Personal Coaches will provide coaching and consultation with your membership.

Learning Plan

Acquire new skills and knowledge in areas you’d like improve upon, using your preferred learning style.

Personalized Dashboard

Mark your progress in a meaningful way. Manage your curated growth and learning opportunities that will help position you as an industry expert.

Strategic Brand Management

Our experts can help you craft a strategic, personal brand management plan. Expert level members are paired with their own personal PR Coach.


In this fast-paced world of journalism, the ability to quickly discover sources is vital. You can easily view member portfolios that will let you stay current and give your stories authority, depth, and a fresh perspective


View profiles of several highly accomplished women technologists who are developing outstanding technology. They merit the opportunity to share their work with the world – on your high-visibility stage.



Raise your visibility. Get discovered as a leading voice in tech