“Belonging in the workplace can be achieved when an individual can bring her authentic self into a context where she is accepted, valued and can thrive.”

Why Square Circle?

Square Circle is a reference to the ancient mathematical problem of “squaring the circle”– a seemingly impossible challenge. This is analogous to the current landscape for women and underrepresented minorities in the workplace, where they are force fit into legacy cultures and leadership styles.

Why Women?

We believe in an equitable workplace, while still firmly acknowledging that the work experience for men and women are different. We help organizations rethink leadership competencies to value the strengths and styles of a wider range of people, including those who may not fit dominant cultural stereotypes of a leader.

Why Belonging?

Belonging is a universal human yearning. Redesigning your workplace to actively include women is essential to business value, growth, and retention. Belonging goes beyond diverse representation and inclusivity, and ensures women’s perspectives are heard and valued. With Belonging, women will thrive.

Why Personalized?

A one size approach does not fit all organizations. Each company, department and team has a unique microculture that will be better understood through our methodology and carefully considered by our experts.


Nurture Belonging

Create a modern work culture that prioritizes the experience of all employees .

Discover Insights

Reveal contexts where microaggressions and bias might lead to burnout and turnover.

Implement Inclusion

Collaborate with our expert, globally experienced team to design and enable effective programs.

Empower Women

Offer powerful sustainable personalized leadership coaching on ambition, influence, visibility and more.


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