Square Circle is an Opportunity Leveler

By Seema

Forbes Magazine Covers - All Men

How is this platform is eliminating opportunity elitism?

There is a level of opportunity elitism that is shutting off voices and perspectives in tech that need to be heard. In the absence of a way to discover these diverse perspectives and societal conditioning that reinforces the same behavior patterns while trying to find keynote candidates and sources for articles or interviews in mainstream tech, the status quo will remain.

The notion that Women in Tech has become a category at the expense of Tech that Includes Women & underrepresented minorities, has not helped change mainstream coverage as shown by magazine cover images above. The intent to change this is strong and can be accomplished successfully in partnership with Square Circle.

Square Circle invites women technologists who are at any career level to join the platform at a membership level that calibrated for them. We welcome entrepreneurs, academics, women from corporate organizations, government labs, non profits etc.

If you’re passionate about tech and want to share it with the world, then regardless of where you’re at in your visibility journey, we welcome you!