There are millions of women creating technology all over the world, yet visibility remains a privilege reserved for a select few, and access to those few is a challenge. We hope to enjoy a world where there is equity of ideas and representation on high-visibility outlets.

Square Circle was started by a woman to address the problems that her non-traditional career journey allowed her to see from three different perspectives – as a woman technologist, a director of a leading conference, and as a leader in the tech community.


Seema is motivated to create a world that is more equitable and embraces diversity in all forms, and wakes up everyday to tackle this goal fearlessly and enthusiastically.

She founded Square Circle when she realized that the best way to create lasting change is to pick a specific problem and influence it from the outside. Her unique and interesting background gave her insight to approach the problem of visibility for women technologists from a different perspective.

Seema’s Social Impact Portfolio includes creating significant impact in areas of Women in Tech, Education & an Urbanization think-tank. She’s built new ventures and communities from the ground up, as well as diversified and scaled existing initiatives.

She was most recently in the corporate world, working on achieving gender equity for the organization. Previously, she was at the Anita Borg Institute, where she was the Director of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) from 2011- 2015. During her 4-year stint, her vision and leadership raised attendance by over 300% while achieving highest quality ratings. Her advocacy & leadership helped propel diverse community leaders to the highest ranks of conference leadership, and made this high visibility stage accessible, as speakers. This led to GHC being voted #5 on the Top 50 Best Conferences list by The Muse in 2014, and it continues to gather media attention.

Her social impact portfolio also includes developing an after-school youth leadership program called Yuva, which was featured on Indian television as a model for others to follow. She currently serves as a steering committee member of a think tank, Think India, that focuses on urbanization issues in India alongside India’s former minister of Disinvestment, Communications and Information Technology and former Foreign Secretary of India.

She has received several awards for her work and  accomplishments have been highlighted and thoughts have been sought after by media outlets. She also has a Patent and several publications to her credit.

Seema is addicted to reality TV (especially The Amazing Race) and knows how to play the Japanese Taiko drums.


Square Circle is a reference to the ancient mathematical problem of “squaring the circle”–a seemingly impossible challenge. This is analogous to the current landscape for women and underrepresented minorities in technology, where they are force fit into legacy cultures, leadership styles, and visibility platforms or lack thereof.